Now this is the time when people can talk to machine. Ayesha is a chat robot or virtual agent who is unique and can talk to real people. She is able to do common conversation like human and can learn new thing from real people. Owner/Master can teach her new thing from backend according to their need or business nature.

Now a days there is very tough competitive businesses environment and this is very important that how an organization manages customer relationships. When someone log on to your website then they need to fill up the Contact Us from for any query related to your products or services. But it is better when visitor or clients can get more information about your products or services and can clear any doubts via chatting with your staff. This is necessary for any pre sales or after sales query. This is quick and easy way to connect with client or visitor.

You need to hire someone who can reply any query via online chatting and if you want to help 24/7 then it will cost you almost triple or even more. But now there is solution to hire virtual agent instead of paying high salary to the staff for this job. It will reduce your business running cost and virtual agent will available 24/7 to help your customers or visitors. Virtual Agents are able to deliver rapid responses with accuracy and can improve service quality.

What is virtual agent?

Virtual agent is a computer program or software that serves as an online customer service representative for an organization. Virtual agents have a human appearance and can do either text or voice chat in real time. They works on artificial intelligence and able to reply for wide variety of questions asked by visitors or customers. Our virtual agents are fully automated and there is no need of human to operate these agents once it is successfully integrated and trained as per your need.

How these virtual agents can help my organization?

Our virtual agents are able to do many common tasks like any real human or executive can do for your business with accuracy without getting tired around the clock. These are some features of using these agents:

  • Greet your customers or visitors
  • Represent your organization's core value and benefits
  • Answer for wide variety of questions
  • Help customers/visitors to navigate the website and filling the forms
  • Increase online sales and customer loyalty
  • Reduce labour cost
  • Able to learn multiple languages
  • Able to learn new things and can get easily trained as per business need and nature

What is benefit of using our virtual agents?

Our virtual agents are able to talk to real people without getting tired or bored round the clock. Our virtual agents never sleep, never tired, don't need leave and can able to speak many languages. Our virtual agents can deliver improved service quality at a lower cost while driving more revenues and better customer satisfaction than real human. Google Talk integration available and your client can chat on Gtalk after adding your agent to their Gtalk chat. Our virtual agents are useful for many industries and sectors like Banking, Computer Software/IT Industry, Consulting, Consumer Products, Entertainment, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Retail, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Travel/Hospitality and many more.

How can I integrate virtual agent on my website?

After your order and successful payment we will setup your virtual agent and will give you a small html code which you only have to put in between body tag. We will give your virtual agent training as per your business nature and need. I will give you a robot control panel, from where you can easily train your virtual agent anytime. You will have full control on your agent.

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